Colorado Bankruptcy Court

Case number: 1:23-bk-14302 - Catalyst Creative, Inc. - Colorado Bankruptcy Court

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Catalyst Creative, Inc.
Joseph G. Rosania Jr.
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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
District of Colorado (Denver)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 23-14302-JGR

Assigned to: Joseph G. Rosania Jr.
Chapter 7

Date filed:  09/22/2023


Catalyst Creative, Inc.

6834 S. University Boulevard, #112
Centennial, CO 80122
Tax ID / EIN: 80-0085094

represented by
Aaron J. Conrardy

2580 W. Main Street
Suite 200
Littleton, CO 80120
Fax : 303-296-7600
Email: [email protected]


M. Stephen Peters

Box 4610
Frisco, CO 80443

represented by
Jonathan Dickey

Kutner Brinen Dickey Riley, P.C.
1660 Lincoln Street
Suite 1720
Denver, CO 80264
Email: [email protected]

U.S. Trustee

US Trustee

Byron G. Rogers Federal Building
1961 Stout St.
Ste. 12-200
Denver, CO 80294

Latest Dockets
Date Filed#Docket Text
11/17/202315Docket Text
Courts Notice or Order and BNC Certificate of Mailing (related document(s)14 Order on Application to Employ). No. of Notices: 1. Notice Date 11/17/2023. (Admin.) (Entered: 11/17/2023)
11/15/202314Docket Text
Order Approving Application to Employ Kutner Brinen Dickey Riley P.C. as Counsel for the Chapter 7 Trustee. (related document(s):13 Application to Employ). (saa) (Entered: 11/15/2023)
11/13/202313Docket Text
Application to Employ Kutner Brinen Dickey Riley, P.C. as Attorney for Trustee Filed by Jonathan Dickey on behalf of M. Stephen Peters. (Attachments: # 1 Proposed/Unsigned Order # 2 Exhibit A) (Dickey, Jonathan) (Entered: 11/13/2023)
11/01/202312Docket Text
Courts Notice and BNC Certificate of Mailing Re: Notice of Possible Dividend (related document(s)11 Notice of Possible Dividends). No. of Notices: 5. Notice Date 11/01/2023. (Admin.) (Entered: 11/01/2023)
10/31/2023Docket Text
Meeting of Creditors Satisfied. (saa) (Entered: 10/31/2023)
10/30/2023Docket Text
Trustee's Initial Report. The First Meeting Was Held. (Peters, M.) (Entered: 10/30/2023)
10/29/202311Docket Text
Notice of Possible Dividends. It appearing to the Trustee that a dividend to creditors is possible; Creditors are hereby notified that if they desire to participate in a distribution of assets, they must file a claim with the court no later than the date shown below. Pursuant to Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 3002(c)(1) and (5) a proof of claim shall be filed BY A GOVERNMENTAL UNIT not later than 180 days after the date of the order for relief, or the date shown below, whichever is later. All claimants who are seeking an administrative claim must obtain a Court Order pursuant to the Bankruptcy Code. Proofs of Claim due by 02/1/2024. (Peters, M.) (Entered: 10/29/2023)
10/17/202310Docket Text
Request for Notice.. (Bharatia, Shraddha) (Entered: 10/17/2023)
10/09/20239Docket Text
Entry of Appearance and Request for Notice Filed by Matthew H. Sloan on behalf of PNC Bank, National Association... (Sloan, Matthew) (Entered: 10/09/2023)
09/27/20238Docket Text
Courts Notice and BNC Certificate of Mailing Re: Meeting of Creditors (related document(s)5 Meeting of Creditors-Chapter 7). No. of Notices: 6. Notice Date 09/27/2023. (Admin.) (Entered: 09/27/2023)