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Case number: 3:12-bk-08787 - Davidson Reinforcing Company, Inc. - California Southern Bankruptcy Court

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Davidson Reinforcing Company, Inc.
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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of California (San Diego)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 12-08787-LT7

Assigned to: Chief Judge Laura S. Taylor
Chapter 7
No asset

Debtor disposition:  Discharge Not Applicable
Date filed:  06/22/2012
Date terminated:  01/23/2014
341 meeting:  08/22/2012


Davidson Reinforcing Company, Inc.

14489 Southern Hills Lane
Poway, CA 92064
Tax ID / EIN: 33-0796049

represented by
Drew L. Lyman

Drew L. Lyman, Attorney at Law
2221 Camino Del Rio South, Ste. 101
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 804-0410
Email: [email protected]


Leonard J. Ackerman

6977 Navajo Road, Suite 124
San Diego, CA 92119

represented by
Leonard J. Ackerman

6977 Navajo Road, Suite 124
San Diego, CA 92119
Email: [email protected]

Dean T. Kirby, Jr.

Kirby & McGuinn, A.P.C.
707 Broadway, Suite 1750
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 685-4000
Email: [email protected]

United States Trustee

United States Trustee

Office of the U.S. Trustee
402 West Broadway, Suite 600
San Diego, CA 92101-8511

Latest Dockets
Date Filed#Docket Text
01/23/201432Docket Text
Order Approving Trustee's Report of No Distribution and Closing Case. It appearing to the Court that the Trustee in the above-entitled case has filed a Report of No Distribution and that the said Trustee has performed all other duties required of the Trustee in the administration of said case; now, therefore, IT IS ORDERED that said report be and it hereby is approved and the case is closed; and the Trustee is discharged from and relieved of his trust. Barry K. Lander, Clerk (Duneghy, J.) (Entered: 01/23/2014)
04/22/201331Docket Text
Chapter 7 Trustee's Report of No Distribution: I, Leonard J. Ackerman, having been appointed trustee of the estate of the above-named debtor(s), report that I have neither received any property nor paid any money on account of this estate; that I have made a diligent inquiry into the financial affairs of the debtor(s) and the location of the property belonging to the estate; and that there is no property available for distribution from the estate over and above that exempted by law. Pursuant to Fed R Bank P 5009, I hereby certify that the estate of the above-named debtor(s) has been fully administered. I request that I be discharged from any further duties as trustee.341(a) Meeting Held and Concluded. Key information about this case as reported in schedules filed by the debtor(s) or otherwise found in the case record: This case was pending for 10 months. Assets Abandoned (without deducting any secured claims): $ 1611512.74, Assets Exempt: Not Available, Claims Scheduled: $ 4894549.46, Claims Asserted: Not Applicable, Claims scheduled to be discharged without payment (without deducting the value of collateral or debts excepted from discharge): $ 4894549.46. filed by Leonard J. Ackerman on behalf of Leonard J. Ackerman. (Ackerman, Leonard) (Entered: 04/22/2013)
12/12/201230Docket Text
Certificate of Service filed by David W. Brody on behalf of CDC Small Business Finance Corporation. (related documents 29Request for Special Notice) (Brody, David) (Entered: 12/12/2012)
12/12/201229Docket Text
Request for Special Notice filed by David W. Brody on behalf of CDC Small Business Finance Corporation. (Brody, David) (Entered: 12/12/2012)
08/23/201228Docket Text
Trustee's Initial Report & 341 Meeting Held and Concluded. (Ackerman, Leonard) (Entered: 08/23/2012)
08/21/201227Docket Text
Receipt of Notice to Creditors Added by Amendment(12-08787-LT7) [notice,987] ( 30.00) Filing Fee. Fee Amount 30.00 Receipt number 8109089. (U.S. Treasury) (Entered: 08/21/2012)