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Case number: 1:12-bk-19945 - Comac Bar & Grill, Inc. - California Eastern Bankruptcy Court

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Comac Bar & Grill, Inc.
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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Eastern District of California (Fresno)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 12-19945

Assigned to: Hon. Rene Lastreto II
Chapter 7

Date filed:  12/01/2012
341 meeting:  01/10/2013
Deadline for filing claims:  04/16/2013


Comac Bar & Grill, Inc.

11208 NW 37th Ct
Vancouver, WA 98685
Tax ID / EIN: 77-0392120

represented by
David R. Jenkins

PO Box 1406
Fresno, CA 93716
(559) 264-5695


Robert A. Hawkins

1849 N Helm #110
Fresno, CA 93727

U.S. Trustee

Office of the U.S. Trustee

United States Courthouse
2500 Tulare Street, Room 1401
Fresno, CA 93721

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01/19/201657Docket Text
Certificate/Proof of Service of 53Motion/Application to Sell [RHT-4], 55Declaration (bons) (Entered: 01/19/2016)
01/19/201656Docket Text
Certificate/Proof of Service of 54Notice of Hearing [RHT-4] (bons) (Entered: 01/19/2016)
01/19/201655Docket Text
Declaration of Robert Hawkins in support of 53Motion/Application to Sell [RHT-4] (bons) (Entered: 01/19/2016)
01/19/201654Docket Text
Notice of Hearing Re: 53Motion/Application to Sell [RHT-4] to be held on 2/24/2016 at 09:30 AM at Fresno Courtroom 13, Department B. (bons) (Entered: 01/19/2016)
01/19/201653Docket Text
Motion/Application to Sell [RHT-4] Filed by Trustee Robert A. Hawkins (bons) (Entered: 01/19/2016)
09/14/2015Docket Text
Due to the retirement of Judge W. Richard Lee, this case has been reassigned to Judge Rene Lastreto, II. (admin) (Entered: 09/14/2015)
07/02/2015Docket Text
Filing Fee Paid (Fee Paid $12.00 ) Re: 51Notice of Payment Due (eFilingID: 5557619) (ltas) (Entered: 07/07/2015)
07/02/2015Docket Text
Copy Fee Paid ($1.00, Receipt Number: 7660 by 19) (auto) (Entered: 07/02/2015)
07/02/2015Docket Text
Certification Fee Paid ($11.00, Receipt Number: 7660 by 19) (auto) (Entered: 07/02/2015)
06/30/201552Docket Text
Certificate of Mailing of Notice of Payment Due as provided by the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (Admin.) (Entered: 07/02/2015)