Alabama Southern Bankruptcy Court

Case number: 1:17-bk-00012 - Grundy Enterprises, Inc. - Alabama Southern Bankruptcy Court

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Grundy Enterprises, Inc.
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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of Alabama (Mobile)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 17-00012

Chapter 7
No asset

Date filed:  01/03/2017
341 meeting:  03/13/2017

Debtor 1

Grundy Enterprises, Inc.

702 N Section St
Fairhope, AL 36532-3221
Tax ID / EIN: 05-0609972
Southern Quality Cleaners

Southern Quality Dry Cleaners

represented by
Allyson C. Pearce

P. O. Box 609
Foley, AL 36536-0609
(251) 971-2676
Email: [email protected]


Lynn Harwell Andrews

P. O. Box 2094
Fairhope, AL 36533
(251) 929-7922

Latest Dockets
Date Filed#Docket Text
08/13/201823Docket Text
Trustee Payment Made. Voucher Number is ALSBCLERK18-0265 : $60.00 PAID (PDH)
07/14/201822Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Mailing (related document(s)[21] Case Closed Without Discharge) Notice Date 07/14/2018. (Admin.)
07/12/201821Docket Text
CASE CLOSED WITHOUT DISCHARGE. Debtor(s) is/are not eligible for a discharge under 11 USC 109 or 11 USC 727 or 11 USC 1328. (PDH)
05/30/201720Docket Text
Chapter 7 Trustee's Report of No Distribution: I, Lynn Harwell Andrews, having been appointed trustee of the estate of the above-named debtor(s), report that I have neither received any property nor paid any money on account of this estate; that I have made a diligent inquiry into the financial affairs of the debtor(s) and the location of the property belonging to the estate; and that there is no property available for distribution from the estate over and above that exempted by law. Pursuant to Fed R Bank P 5009, I hereby certify that the estate of the above-named debtor(s) has been fully administered. I request that I be discharged from any further duties as trustee. Key information about this case as reported in schedules filed by the debtor(s) or otherwise found in the case record: This case was pending for 5 months. Assets Abandoned: $ 1500.00, Assets Exempt(without deducting any secured claims): Not Available, Claims Scheduled: $ 51281.24, Claims Asserted: Not Applicable, Claims scheduled to be discharged without payment (without deducting the value of collateral or debts excepted from discharge): $ 51281.24. (Andrews, Lynn) (Entered: 05/30/2017)
05/28/201719Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Mailing (related document(s)[18] Order on Trustee Proposal and Notice to Abandon) Notice Date 05/28/2017. (Admin.)
05/26/201718Docket Text
Order Approving Trustee Proposal and Notice to Abandon (Related Doc [16]) Signed on 5/26/2017. (LML)
05/07/201717Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Mailing (related document(s) 16 Notice and Proposal to Abandon filed by Lynn Harwell Andrews) Notice Date 05/07/2017. (Admin.) (Entered: 05/07/2017)
05/04/201716Docket Text
NEGATIVE NOTICE: Notice and Proposal to Abandon cash register, desktop computer, old clothes racks Filed by Lynn Harwell Andrews Objections due by 5/25/2017. (Andrews, Lynn)
04/18/201715Docket Text
Form B121 - Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Filed by Allyson C. Pearce on behalf of Grundy Enterprises, Inc.. (Pearce, Allyson) (Entered: 04/18/2017)
04/04/201714Docket Text
Minute Entry: Hearing Date: 4/4/2017. [12] Order to Show Cause for Failure to Comply) (related document(s)[9] Notice to Correct - Action Required within 7 Days - Documents Overdue. Hearing continued to 5/2/2017 at 09:30 AM at Courtroom 1, 201 St. Louis Street, Mobile AL 36602. (KJF)