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Case number: 2:12-bk-02620 - CIMA Entertainment, LLC - Alabama Northern Bankruptcy Court

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CIMA Entertainment, LLC
Benjamin G Cohen
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Bankruptcy Petition #: 12-02620-BGC7

Assigned to: Benjamin G Cohen
Chapter 7
No asset

Debtor disposition:  Discharge Not Applicable
Date filed:  06/01/2012
Date terminated:  03/27/2014
341 meeting:  08/06/2012


CIMA Entertainment, LLC

7800 Highway 17 Lot 55
Maylene, AL 35114
Tax ID / EIN: 27-2904725
Capt'N Morgan's Fish & Chop House

represented by
Cindee D Holmes

Cindee Dale Holmes, Atty.
1909 5th Ave. N.
Suite 200
Birmingham, AL 35203
Fax : 205-326-3660
Email: [email protected]


James G Henderson

1210 Financial Center
505 N. 20th Street
Birmingham, AL 35203-4662
205 328-9190

Latest Dockets
Date Filed#Docket Text
03/27/201428Docket Text
Order Discharging Trustee, Releasing Bond Liability and Closing Case. The estate of the above named Debtor having been fully administered, it is ORDERED that: The accounts and report of the Trustee are hereby filed; the Trustee be and is hereby discharged as trustee of the estate of the above named debtor and the bond is cancelled; and the Chapter 7 case of the above named Debtor is closed. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge (Non-Image Entry) (klt) (Entered: 03/27/2014)
08/18/201227Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Notice (related document(s) 25) (RE: related document(s) 25 Order Granting). Notice Date 08/18/2012. (Admin.) (Entered: 08/20/2012)
08/17/201226Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Notice (related document(s) 24) (RE: related document(s) 24 Order on Motion For Relief From Stay). Notice Date 08/17/2012. (Admin.) (Entered: 08/18/2012)
08/16/201225Docket Text
ORDER Granting Signed on 08/16/2012 RE: Doc #16; Motion for Relief from Stay filed by A. Edward Fawwal, Attorney for R & D, LLC. (bhf) (Entered: 08/16/2012)
08/15/201224Docket Text
Order Granting Motion For Relief From Stay of Morgan Village Inc. as to the premises only (Related Doc # 11) Signed on 8/15/2012. (cvc) (Entered: 08/15/2012)
08/14/201223Docket Text
Return Mail to Young Sales and Services (RE: related document(s) 3 Meeting of Creditors (AutoAssign Chapter 7b)). (lbu) (Entered: 08/14/2012)
08/14/201222Docket Text
Chapter 7 Trustee's Report of No Distribution: I, James G Henderson, having been appointed trustee of the estate of the above-named debtor(s), report that I have neither received any property nor paid any money on account of this estate; that I have made a diligent inquiry into the financial affairs of the debtor(s) and the location of the property belonging to the estate; and that there is no property available for distribution from the estate over and above that exempted by law. Unless the Court orders otherwise, I deem abandoned any and all property of the estate that was scheduled in the petition and was unadministered as of the date of this report, and pursuant to Fed R Bank 5009, I hereby certify that the estate of the above-named debtor(s) has been fully administered. I request that I be discharged from any further duties as trustee. Key information about this case as reported in schedules filed by the debtor(s) or otherwise found in the case record: This case was pending for 2 months. Assets Abandoned (without deducting any secured claims): $ 0.00, Assets Exempt: $ 0.00, Claims Scheduled: $ 0.00, Claims Asserted: Not Applicable, Claims scheduled to be discharged without payment (without deducting the value of collateral or debts excepted from discharge): $ 0.00. Filed by Trustee James G Henderson (RE: related document(s) 10 AMENDED Meeting of Creditors. 341). (Henderson, James) (Entered: 08/14/2012)
07/30/201221Docket Text
Fact Summary for a Motion for Relief from Stay Filed by Creditor R & D, LLC (RE: related document(s) 16 Motion for Relief from Stay , Fee Amount $176,). (Fawwal, Audeh) (Entered: 07/30/2012)
07/29/201220Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Notice (related document(s) 17) (RE: related document(s) 17 Hearing (Motion for Relief) Set). Notice Date 07/29/2012. (Admin.) (Entered: 07/30/2012)
07/27/201219Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Notice (related document(s) 14) (RE: related document(s) 14 Hearing (Motion for Relief) Set). Notice Date 07/27/2012. (Admin.) (Entered: 07/28/2012)