Washington Western Bankruptcy Court

Case number: 3:21-bk-40967 - Apex NW, LLC - Washington Western Bankruptcy Court

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Case title
Apex NW, LLC
Mary Jo Heston
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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Western District of Washington (Tacoma)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 21-40967-MJH

Assigned to: Mary Jo Heston
Chapter 7
No asset

Date filed:  06/03/2021
341 meeting:  07/06/2021 09:30 AM


Apex NW, LLC

711 Tumwater Blvd SW #125
Tumwater, WA 98501
Tax ID / EIN: 37-1868842

represented by
Jonathan A Sprouffske

Connolly Tacon & Meserve
201 5th Ave SW Ste 301
Olympia, WA 98501
Email: [email protected]


Kathryn A Ellis

5506 6th Ave S, Suite 207
Seattle, WA 98108

US Trustee

United States Trustee

700 Stewart St Ste 5103
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 553-2000

Latest Dockets
Date Filed#Docket Text
06/18/20219Docket Text
Balance of Schedules . Filed by Jonathan A Sprouffske on behalf of Apex NW, LLC. (Sprouffske, Jonathan) (Entered: 06/18/2021)
06/06/20218Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Notice (Related document(s) 5 Notice of Telephonic Mtg of Creditors). Notice Date 06/06/2021. (Admin.) (Entered: 06/06/2021)
06/06/20217Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Notice (Related document(s) 3 Notice of Deficient Filing). Notice Date 06/06/2021. (Admin.) (Entered: 06/06/2021)
06/06/20216Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Mailing - Meeting of Creditors (Related document(s) 4 341 Meeting of Creditors Sent to BNC for Mailing). Notice Date 06/06/2021. (Admin.) (Entered: 06/06/2021)
06/04/20215Docket Text
US Trustee's Notice of Telephonic 341 Meeting of Creditors. (admin) (Entered: 06/04/2021)
06/04/20214Docket Text
341 Meeting of Creditors Notice Sent to BNC for Mailing . (TGR) (Entered: 06/04/2021)
06/04/20213Docket Text
Notice of Deficient Filing . (TGR) (Entered: 06/04/2021)
06/04/20212Docket Text
Notice of 341(a) Meeting Appointment of Interim Trustee Ellis, Kathryn A with to be held on 7/6/2021 at 09:30 AM at Telephonic Creditors Meeting Tacoma. (Scheduled Automatic Assignment, shared account) (Entered: 06/04/2021)
06/03/2021Docket Text
Creditor matrix uploaded/added 15 creditor(s). (admin) (Entered: 06/03/2021)
06/03/20211Docket Text
Chapter 7 Voluntary Petition, Non-Individual . Schedule A/B due 06/18/2021. Schedule D due 06/18/2021. Schedule E/F due 06/18/2021. Schedule G due 06/18/2021. Schedule H due 06/18/2021. Statement of Financial Affairs due 06/18/2021. Summary of schedules due 06/18/2021. Incomplete Filings due by 06/18/2021. Filed by Jonathan A Sprouffske on behalf of Apex NW, LLC (Sprouffske, Jonathan) (Entered: 06/03/2021)