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Case number: 3:14-bk-80399 - Rodeo Bar BQ - Texas Southern Bankruptcy Court

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Rodeo Bar BQ
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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of Texas (Galveston)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 14-80399

Assigned to: Letitia Z. Paul
Chapter 7
No asset

Date filed:  10/22/2014
Debtor dismissed:  01/28/2015
341 meeting:  01/08/2015


Rodeo Bar BQ

3709 Pine Stream
Pearland, TX 77581
Tax ID / EIN: 27-1246508

represented by
G Michael Sharp

Attorney at Law
POB 1442
Friendswood, TX 77549-1442
Fax : 281-996-1780
Email: [email protected]


Janet S Casciato-Northrup

Hughes Watters and Askanase
333 Clay
29th Floor
Houston, TX 77002

U.S. Trustee

US Trustee

Office of the U S Trustee
515 Rusk Ave
Ste 3516
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 718-4650

Latest Dockets
Date Filed#Docket Text
01/30/201510Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Mailing. (Related document(s): 9Order on Motion to Dismiss Case) No. of Notices: 8. Notice Date 01/30/2015. (Admin.) (Entered: 01/31/2015)
01/28/20159Docket Text
Order Granting Motion to Dismiss Case (Related Doc # 8) Signed on 1/28/2015. (mrod) (Entered: 01/28/2015)
01/20/20158Docket Text
Motion to Dismiss Case for . Objections/Request for Hearing Due in 21 days. Filed by Debtor Rodeo Bar BQ (Attachments: # 1Proposed Order) (Sharp, G) (Entered: 01/20/2015)
12/29/20147Docket Text
Noticeof Continued Creditor Meeting. (Related document(s):Continuance of Meeting of Creditors) Filed by Rodeo Bar BQ (Sharp, G) (Entered: 12/29/2014)
12/12/2014Docket Text
Meeting of Creditors Commenced. Continued by announcement at the meeting. Creditors meeting will be held on 1/8/2015 at 10:30 AM at Galveston Suite 302. (Casciato-Northrup, Janet) (Entered: 12/12/2014)
11/04/20146Docket Text
Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice Filed by John P Dillman Filed by on behalf of City of Pearland (Dillman, John) (Entered: 11/04/2014)
10/25/20145Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Mailing. (Related document(s): 2Initial Order for Prosecution) No. of Notices: 1. Notice Date 10/25/2014. (Admin.) (Entered: 10/26/2014)
10/25/20144Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Mailing - Meeting of Creditors. (Related document(s): 3Meeting of Creditors Chapter 7 No Asset) No. of Notices: 8. Notice Date 10/25/2014. (Admin.) (Entered: 10/26/2014)
10/23/20143Docket Text
Meeting of Creditors, Proof of Claim deadline not set, 341(a) meeting to be held on 12/4/2014 at 10:30 AM at Galveston Suite 302. (sclemadi) (Entered: 10/23/2014)
10/23/20142Docket Text
Initial Order for Prosecution Signed on 10/23/2014 (sclemadi) (Entered: 10/23/2014)