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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Acropolis Enterprises, Inc.Rhode Island1:04-bk-10638703/01/200405/04/2004
Weaver Cove LLC and Kenneth Kubic ConsultantsRhode Island1:04-bk-124991108/04/200406/02/2005Dismissed 05/18/2005
C.J.S. Restaurant Enterprises, Inc.Rhode Island1:04-bk-10910703/22/200410/23/2007Discharge Not Applicable
Quisqueya Market Inc.Rhode Island1:04-bk-12717708/26/200409/21/2004Dismissed 09/08/2004
Galilee Hotel Associates, LLC and M & Z Hotel Associates, LLCRhode Island1:04-bk-11456704/30/200402/26/2009Discharge Not Applicable
M & Z Hotel Associates, LLCRhode Island1:04-bk-11460704/30/200404/03/2009Discharge Not Applicable
Bess Eaton Donut Flour Company IncorporatedRhode Island1:04-bk-106301103/01/200407/17/2008Dismissed for Other Reason