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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
New Monarch Machine Tool, Inc.New York Northern5:22-bk-303841106/16/2022
Nassau Pharmacy Inc.New York Northern1:22-bk-111881112/22/2022
Garuda Hotels, Inc. and Welcome Motels II, Inc.New York Northern5:22-bk-302961105/13/2022
Welcome Motels II, Inc.New York Northern5:22-bk-302971105/13/2022
Jax Service Center, LLCNew York Northern5:22-bk-308211112/13/2022
Briana V BarberNew York Northern1:22-bk-11122712/02/2022
Hounds on the Hudson, LLCNew York Northern1:22-bk-11198712/28/2022
Vino Cafe LLCNew York Northern6:22-bk-600411101/27/2022
Pyramid Auto Group, Inc.New York Northern5:22-bk-307021110/24/2022
FLX Enterprises of the Finger Lakes, LLCNew York Northern5:22-bk-307011110/24/2022
Fingerlakes Hospitality Group, LLCNew York Northern5:22-bk-302941105/13/2022
Creative Encounters, LLCNew York Northern1:22-bk-105331106/09/2022Dismissed for Other Reason 10/24/2022
MOHAWK VILLAGE MARKET INC.New York Northern6:22-bk-60741711/28/2022
Ardex International CompanyNew York Northern1:22-bk-10312704/08/2022
Christine Feliu Family Health NP, PLLCNew York Northern5:22-bk-30714710/28/2022
The Donald J. Valente Irrevocable TrustNew York Northern1:22-bk-110021110/31/2022
S and W Tours & Charters, LLCNew York Northern6:22-bk-60631709/30/2022
Business Partners International IncNew York Northern1:22-bk-10755708/12/2022
Carousel Center Favorite Chicken LLCNew York Northern1:22-bk-10830709/02/2022
960 BROADWAY LLCNew York Northern1:22-bk-10653707/14/2022
Ching Management, LLC dba J2 Design & BuildNew York Northern1:22-bk-10720708/02/2022
NIPPER APARTMENTS, LLCNew York Northern1:22-bk-10652707/14/2022
Eva Gourmet LLCNew York Northern6:22-bk-60364705/29/2022
Peace Seekers LLCNew York Northern5:22-bk-30370706/10/2022
Nu Apiary Care, Inc.New York Northern5:22-bk-30212704/11/2022
POMEISL TRANSPORTATION INC.New York Northern6:22-bk-60222704/06/2022
Greene Technologies IncorporatedNew York Northern6:22-bk-601181102/28/2022
CTI Demonstration Farm Inc.New York Northern1:22-bk-10019701/14/2022