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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Court Street Video Equipment, Inc.New York Northern1:88-bk-10714705/06/198811/08/1989Discharge Not Applicable
MDF Enterprises, Inc.New York Northern1:88-bk-11788711/07/198804/26/1993Discharge Not Applicable
Walter Truck CorporationNew York Northern1:88-bk-116111110/07/198808/28/1992Discharge Not Applicable
T.A.P. Custom Wood Products, Inc.New York Northern6:88-bk-01592710/19/198802/01/1990Discharge Not Applicable
Shoes To Boot, Inc.New York Northern1:88-bk-10167702/10/198812/04/1989Discharge Not Applicable
Performance Tool & Aerospace, Inc.New York Northern1:88-bk-10451703/25/198808/16/1991Discharge Not Applicable
Smith & Lashomb, Inc.New York Northern6:88-bk-01601710/19/198803/14/1995Discharge Not Applicable