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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Candia Sand & Gravel. LLCNew Hampshire1:07-bk-104091103/01/200706/13/2008Dismissed for Other Reason 06/05/2007
Ferd Construction, Inc.New Hampshire1:07-bk-11408707/03/200704/30/2012Discharge Not Applicable
The Theodore Family, LLC, sole beneficiary of AtheNew Hampshire1:07-bk-11665708/07/200709/28/2007Dismissed for Failure to File Information 09/12/2007
Daisy Electric, Inc.New Hampshire1:07-bk-10432703/06/200712/06/2011Discharge Not Applicable
Rockingham Construction Services, Inc.New Hampshire1:07-bk-12503711/07/200702/11/2010Dismissed for Other Reason 02/07/2008
Western Horse & Rider, LLCNew Hampshire1:07-bk-11546707/24/200712/03/2010Discharge Not Applicable
Furniture Plus, Inc.New Hampshire1:07-bk-127211112/03/200701/16/2009Dismissed for failure to pay filing fee 12/18/2008
Dunmore Equity LLCNew Hampshire1:07-bk-11483707/16/200705/26/2009Dismissed for Other Reason 05/13/2009