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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
ADDISON BODY SHOP, INC.Mississippi Southern3:98-bk-024111105/13/199806/01/1998Dismissed for Other Reason
WRIGHT GAMING GROUP OF MISS. INC.Mississippi Southern3:98-bk-028371106/05/199811/04/1999Dismissed for Other Reason
WILLIAM TRULY FAMILY MEDICAL CLINIC, INCMississippi Southern3:98-bk-040991108/07/199801/20/2000Dismissed for Other Reason
WOOD TECHNIQUES, INC. A MISS CORPMississippi Southern1:98-bk-530731107/21/199804/03/2001
ADDISON BODY SHOP, INC.Mississippi Southern3:98-bk-027641106/02/199803/05/1999Dismissed for Other Reason
ACME MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS, INC.Mississippi Southern1:98-bk-507921102/20/199809/13/1999Dismissed for Other Reason
MORRIS & ASSOCIATES I.P.E.C., INC. * AMississippi Southern3:98-bk-02243705/04/199809/03/2003