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Case number: 2:10-bk-22677 - North Bend Biofuels, LLC - Kentucky Eastern Bankruptcy Court

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North Bend Biofuels, LLC
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United States Bankruptcy Court
Eastern District of Kentucky (Covington)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 10-22677-tnw

Assigned to: Chief Judge Tracey N. Wise
Chapter 7
Previous chapter 11

Date filed:  10/01/2010
Date converted:  01/06/2015
341 meeting:  02/05/2015
Deadline for filing claims:  05/06/2015


North Bend Biofuels, LLC

1611 Distribution Dr.
Burlington, KY 41005
Tax ID / EIN: 20-8295703

represented by
Steven L. Schiller

2777 Dunaway Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45211
Email: [email protected]
TERMINATED: 11/12/2014

Virginia J Southgate

4 W 4th St Suite 300
Newport, KY 41071
(859) 431-2345
Email: [email protected]


L. Craig Kendrick

7000 Houston Rd.
Bldg. 300, Ste. 25
Florence, KY 41042
(859) 371-4321

U.S. Trustee

U.S. Trustee

100 E Vine St #500
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 233-2822
represented by
John L. Daugherty

100 E. Vine St. #500
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 233-2822
Email: [email protected]

Philip Hanrahan

100 E. Vine St. #500
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 233-2822
Email: [email protected]

Latest Dockets
Date Filed#Docket Text
09/23/2015193Docket Text
Final Decree, discharging Trustee, if applicable. CASE CLOSED. (kaya)
08/13/2015192Docket Text
Chapter 7 Trustee's Report of No Distribution: I, L. Craig Kendrick, having been appointed trustee of the estate of the above-named debtor(s), report that I have neither received any property nor paid any money on account of this estate; that I have made a diligent inquiry into the financial affairs of the debtor(s) and the location of the property belonging to the estate; and that there is no property available for distribution from the estate over and above that exempted by law. Pursuant to Fed R Bank P 5009, I hereby certify that the estate of the above-named debtor(s) has been fully administered. I request that I be discharged from any further duties as trustee. Key information about this case as reported in schedules filed by the debtor(s) or otherwise found in the case record: This case was pending for 7 months. Assets Abandoned(without deducting any secured claims): $ 141528.51, Assets Exempt: $ 0.00, Claims Scheduled: $ 225601.12, Claims Asserted: Not Applicable, Claims scheduled to be discharged without payment(without deducting the value of collateral or debts excepted from discharge): $ 225601.12. Filed by L. Craig Kendrick. (Kendrick, L.)
08/04/2015191Docket Text

The Court having reviewed the record and finding that trustee, L. Craig Kendrick, has not filed a Final Account, and/or Final Report in this matter.

IT IS ORDERED the Trustee shall file a status report specifically detailing all reasons for the delay with the filing within fourteen (14) days from the date of this order. The filing of a Final Account or a Report of No Distribution is acceptable in lieu of a status report.

Ordered by /s/ Judge.

Document due: 8/18/2015.(kaya)

This Notice of Electronic Filing is the Official ORDER for this entry. No document is attached.

(Entered: 08/04/2015)
02/05/2015190Docket Text
Trustee's Initial Report & 341 Meeting Held on
. Debtor appeared. (Kendrick, L.) (Entered: 02/05/2015)
01/08/2015189Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Mailing Notice Date 01/08/2015. (Related Doc # 186) (Admin.) (Entered: 01/09/2015)
01/08/2015188Docket Text
BNC Certificate of Mailing - Meeting of Creditors Notice Date 01/08/2015. (Related Doc # 185) (Admin.) (Entered: 01/09/2015)
01/07/2015187Docket Text

Notice is hereby given that this case was converted on January 6, 2015, from chapter 11 to chapter 7.

Conversion of this case terminates the service of any trustee or examiner serving prior to the conversion. Each trustee or debtor in possession in the superseded chapter 11 shall file with the court a final report and account within 30 days of the date of conversion. The report shall include a schedule of all unpaid debts incurred after the commencement of the superseded chapter 11 and before the date of conversion, so ORDERED by /s/ Judge.


This Notice of Electronic Filing is the Official ORDER for this entry. No document is attached.

(Entered: 01/07/2015)
01/06/2015186Docket Text
Chapter 7 Order to Debtor to Turn Over/Produce Documents. (kaya) (Entered: 01/06/2015)
01/06/2015185Docket Text
Meeting of Creditors & Notice of Appointment of Interim Trustee L. Craig Kendrick, with 341(a) meeting to be held on 2/5/2015 at 11:30 AM at Covington Courtroom. Proofs of Claims due by 5/6/2015. (kaya) (Entered: 01/06/2015)
01/06/2015184Docket Text
Notice of Appointment of Trustee L. Craig Kendrick Filed by U.S. Trustee. (Daugherty, John)

(Entered: 01/06/2015)