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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Oelwein Community Healthcare FoundationIowa Northern6:19-bk-017261112/10/2019
Golden Heat & Power, LLCIowa Northern4:19-bk-004251104/11/2019
McQuillen Place Company, LLCIowa Northern4:19-bk-005071104/25/2019
L & L Enterprises, Co., Inc.Iowa Northern5:19-bk-010061207/26/2019
Vera T. Welte Testamentary TrustIowa Northern5:19-bk-008081206/17/2019
Dairy Venture LLCIowa Northern1:19-bk-006621205/21/2019
Second Sucession LLCIowa Northern1:19-bk-01272709/13/201912/11/2019Dismissed for Other Reason 11/01/2019
Lisa RoscoeIowa Northern1:19-bk-01271709/13/2019
Second Progression LLCIowa Northern1:19-bk-012531109/11/2019
Windom Ridge, Inc.Iowa Northern5:19-bk-010981108/13/2019
Golden Renewable Energy of Iowa 2, LLCIowa Northern4:19-bk-004281104/11/2019
Golden Renewable Energy, LLCIowa Northern4:19-bk-004261104/11/2019
Golden Renewable Energy of Iowa 3, LLCIowa Northern4:19-bk-004291104/11/2019
Golden Renewable Energy of Iowa 1, LLCIowa Northern4:19-bk-004271104/11/2019