There have been 13 business bankruptcy cases in Iowa Northern in 2019

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Year Filed
Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Case TitleOelwein Community Healthcare FoundationCourtIowa Northern6:19-bk-017261112/10/2019
Case TitleL & L Enterprises, Co., Inc.CourtIowa Northern5:19-bk-010061207/26/2019
Case TitleVera T. Welte Testamentary TrustCourtIowa Northern5:19-bk-008081206/17/2019
Case TitleMcQuillen Place Company, LLCCourtIowa Northern4:19-bk-00507704/25/2019
Case TitleGolden Renewable Energy of Iowa 3, LLCCourtIowa Northern4:19-bk-00429704/11/2019
Case TitleGolden Renewable Energy of Iowa 2, LLCCourtIowa Northern4:19-bk-00428704/11/2019
Case TitleGolden Renewable Energy of Iowa 1, LLCCourtIowa Northern4:19-bk-00427704/11/2019
Case TitleGolden Renewable Energy, LLCCourtIowa Northern4:19-bk-00426704/11/2019
Case TitleGolden Heat & Power, LLCCourtIowa Northern4:19-bk-00425704/11/2019
Case TitleDairy Venture LLCCourtIowa Northern1:19-bk-006621205/21/2019
Case TitleLisa RoscoeCourtIowa Northern1:19-bk-01271709/13/2019
Case TitleSecond Sucession LLCCourtIowa Northern1:19-bk-01272709/13/2019Closed12/11/2019DispositionDismissed for Other Reason 11/01/2019
Case TitleWindom Ridge, Inc.CourtIowa Northern5:19-bk-010981108/13/2019