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Case number: 4:13-bk-40147 - Jubal Early Properties, LLC - Florida Northern Bankruptcy Court

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Jubal Early Properties, LLC
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U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Northern District of Florida (Tallahassee)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 13-40147

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Chapter 11

Case Manager:  
Latonia Isom
Date filed:  03/11/2013


Jubal Early, LLC Jubal Early, LLC, Debtor

8509 Little Scnic Lane
Tallahassee, Fl 32309
Leon - FL
Tax ID / EIN: 59-3452152

represented by
Michael P. Brundage

Phelps Dunbar, LLP
100 S Ashley Street
Suite 1900
Tampa, FL 33602
Fax : 813-472-7570
Email: [email protected]

U.S. Trustee

United States Trustee

110 E. Park Avenue
Suite 128
Tallahassee, FL 32301

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03/12/20130Docket Text
Case assigned to Latonia Isom (admin) (Entered: 03/12/2013)
03/11/20131Docket Text
Chapter 11 Voluntary Petition [ Fee Amount $1213] filed by Jubal Early, LLC Jubal Early, LLC Schedule A due 03/25/2013. Schedule B due 03/25/2013. Schedule C due 03/25/2013. Schedule D due 03/25/2013. Schedule E due 03/25/2013. Schedule F due 03/25/2013. Schedule G due 03/25/2013. Schedule H due 03/25/2013. Schedule I due 03/25/2013. Schedule J due 03/25/2013. Summary of schedules due 03/25/2013. Form B6 - Statistical Summary due 03/25/2013. Statement of Financial Affairs due 03/25/2013. Atty Disclosure Statement due 03/25/2013. Employee Income Record or Statement of No Employee Income Due: 03/25/2013.Chapter 11 Current Monthly Income (Form 22B) Due 03/25/2013. Credit Counseling Certificate due by 03/25/2013. Statement of Intent due 03/25/2013. List of Equity Security Holders due 03/25/2013. Incomplete Filings due by 03/25/2013. (Attachments: # 1List of 20 Largest Creditors) (Brundage, Michael) (Entered: 03/11/2013)