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Case number: 6:15-bk-03351 - Innovative Distribution LLC - Florida Middle Bankruptcy Court

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Innovative Distribution LLC
Karen S. Jennemann
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PriorCase, PlnDue, DsclsDue, FeeDeferred, ADV, CLOSED

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Middle District of Florida (Orlando)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 6:15-bk-03351-KSJ

Assigned to: Karen S. Jennemann
Chapter 7
Previous chapter 11
Original chapter 11

Debtor disposition:  Discharge Not Applicable
Date filed:  04/17/2015
Date converted:  06/23/2015
Date terminated:  05/01/2018
341 meeting:  09/08/2015


Innovative Distribution LLC

285 Barnes Blvd.
Rockledge, FL 32955
Tax ID / EIN: 26-2873470
JM Metals

represented by
Raymond J Rotella

Kosto & Rotella PA
619 East Washington Street
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 425-3456
Fax : (407) 423-5498
Email: [email protected]


Arvind Mahendru

5703 Red Bug Lake Road
Suite 284
Winter Springs, FL 32708
(407) 504-2462

represented by
Ryan E Davis

Winderweedle Haines Ward & Woodman P.A.
329 Park Avenue North, Second Floor
Winter Park, FL 32789
(407) 423-4246
Fax : (407) 645-3728
Email: [email protected]

Jeffrey Ainsworth

BransonLaw PLLC
1501 E. Concord Street
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 894-6834
Fax : (407) 894-8559
Email: [email protected]

U.S. Trustee

United States Trustee - ORL

Office of the United States Trustee
George C Young Federal Building
400 West Washington Street, Suite 1100
Orlando, FL 32801
represented by
United States Trustee - ORL


Jill E Kelso

Office of the United States Trustee
400 W. Washington Street
Suite 1100
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 648-6301
TERMINATED: 06/23/2015

Latest Dockets
Date Filed#Docket Text
08/25/2020129Docket Text
Certificate of Service Re: ORDER GRANTING MOTION TO REDACT. Filed by Keith Scott Labell on behalf of Creditor PNC Bank N.A. (related document(s) 128). (Attachments: # 1 ORDER) (Labell, Keith) (Entered: 08/25/2020)
08/25/2020128Docket Text
Order Granting Motion To Redact and Restrict Access to Information (Proof of Claim No. 1-1 of PNC Bank N.A.) (Related Doc # 127). Service Instructions: Keith Labell is directed to serve a copy of this order on interested parties and file a proof of service within 3 days of entry of the order. (Margaret) (Entered: 08/25/2020)
08/24/2020Docket Text
Receipt of Filing Fee for Motion to Redact and Restrict Access to Information(6:15-bk-03351-KSJ) [motion,mredact] ( 25.00). Receipt Number 65201575, Amount Paid $ 25.00 (U.S. Treasury)
08/24/2020127Docket Text
Motion to Redact and Restrict Access to Information Regarding Proof of Claim, filed on April 22, 2015 as claim number 1-1. (Fee Paid.). Filed by Keith Scott Labell on behalf of Creditor PNC Bank N.A. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit) (Labell, Keith) (Entered: 08/24/2020)
05/01/2018Docket Text
Bankruptcy Case Closed. (ADIclerk)
05/01/2018126Docket Text
Order Approving Chapter 7 Account, Discharging Trustee, Canceling Bond and Closing Estate . Service Instructions: Clerks Office to serve. (Nancy) (Entered: 05/01/2018)
03/29/2018125Docket Text
Final Account of Chapter 7 Trustee. The United States Trustee has reviewed the Final Account, Certification that the Estate has been Fully Administered and Application of Trustee to be Discharged. The United States Trustee does not object to the relief requested. (Office of the United States Trustee (Orl19)) (Entered: 03/29/2018)
02/06/2018Docket Text
(Disregard this Entry) (related document(s) [124]). (Henry, Mary) Modified on 2/6/2018 (Moyet, Maggie).
02/05/2018124Docket Text
Report of Unclaimed Funds Filed by Trustee Arvind Mahendru. (Mahendru, Arvind) Modified on 02/06/2018 (Mary) Modified on 2/6/2018 (Maggie). (Entered: 02/05/2018)
12/28/2017Docket Text
Receipt of Filing Fee. Receipt Number 139770, Fee Amount $350.00 ADP-ADVERSARY 6/1/14. (Chap, Dkt)