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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Long Rap, Inc.District Of Columbia1:09-bk-00913710/14/2009
East of the River Community Development CorporatioDistrict Of Columbia1:09-bk-00724708/24/200905/06/2013
The Building, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:09-bk-000461101/16/200907/27/2010Dismissed for Other Reason 06/15/2010
Greater Washington Mutual Housing Association, IncDistrict Of Columbia1:09-bk-00504706/12/200910/05/2009Discharge Not Applicable
1300 Morris Road SE, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:09-bk-005241106/17/200907/27/2010Dismissed for Other Reason 10/07/2009
Gaines & Berke Enterprises, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:09-bk-009721111/01/200901/28/2011Dismissed for Other Reason 07/14/2010
Columbia Hospital for Women Medical Center, Inc.District Of Columbia1:09-bk-000101101/06/200912/29/2011Discharge Not Applicable
The Asylum Company, LLC, d/b/a MCCXXIIIDistrict Of Columbia1:09-bk-00068701/28/200910/12/2011Discharge Not Applicable
The African Cultural Foundation, Inc.District Of Columbia1:09-bk-00041701/15/200903/12/2009Dismissed for Failure to File Information 02/09/2009
5005 Bass Place SE, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:09-bk-005271106/17/200907/27/2010Dismissed for Other Reason 10/07/2009
The Wine Specialist, Inc.District Of Columbia1:09-bk-002761104/03/200910/13/2010Dismissed for Other Reason 09/03/2010
Boffi Studio DC, LLCDistrict Of Columbia1:09-bk-01023711/17/200902/23/2016Discharge Not Applicable
Ellipsat, Inc.District Of Columbia1:09-bk-001481102/25/200905/02/2014Discharge Not Applicable