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Farm Equipment for Sale

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Farm Equipment for Sale

Price: $342,705.72

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Item #: txwbke_355762
Created: 11/25/2022
Category: Business Property > Farm-Related Assets > Farm Equipment
Sale Date: None Set
Seller Info
Davor Rukavina
Debtor's Attorney
500 N. Akard Street, Ste 3800
Dallas, TX 75201
Bankruptcy Info
Case #: 6:22-bk-60425
Court: Texas Western Bankruptcy Court
Chapter: 11
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Sale of farm equipment which includes:

  1. 2016 FRO 0010 WR0010 Carted Wheel Rake 1XFWR00XCGB000281
  2. 2016 JD R280 R280 ROTARY DISK MOWER 1E0R280XCGG420677
  3. 2017 FRO AB12 AB12G Three Tine Bale Spear 1XFAB12GPH0010777
  4. 2017 FRO AB12 AB12G Three Tine Bale Spear 1XFAB12GPH0010844
  5. 2017 JD 915E Z915E Gas MidZ 1TC915ECAHT060561
  6. 2017 JD HX15 HX15 Pull-Type Rotary Cutter 1P0HX15EKHT080607
  7. 2017 MKM 1201 C1201 Disc Mower Caddy D2258
  8. 2018 FRO 1112 MS1112 Manure Spreader 1XFMS11XEJ0815310
  9. 2019 JD 994R Z994R Diesel Mid ZTrak z1TC994RHJJT010012
  10. 2019 JD 5115 5115M Utility Tractor 1LV5115MLKK403343
  11. 2019 JD 540M 540M STANDARD FARM LOADER 1P0540MXCKD054062
  12. 2020 JD 460M 460M ROUND BALER 1E0460MDLLL462702
  13. 2020 JD 6120 6120M STANDARD CAB TRACTOR 1L06120MJLG983182
  14. 2020 JD 620R Loader 1P0620RXKLD009003
  15. 2020 JD Z997 Z997R DIESEL NA 1TCZ997RVLD070168
  16. 2021 28X KW78 KW 782 HAY TEDDER WMKK202001064346
  17. 2021 JD 320G 320G SKID STEER 1T0320GKKLJ369324
  18. 2022 28X AM32 AM-320 Mowers 1091742
  19. 2022 JD Z970 Z970R ZTrak 1TC970RCCNT100473

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Last date to respond: 21 days from the date of service

Date of service: November 23, 2022

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