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Assets of Oil and Gas Energy Corporation

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Assets of Oil and Gas Energy Corporation

Price: $11,000,000.00

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Item #: txnbke_480657
Created: 06/06/2020
Category: Business Property > All Assets or Going Concerns > Oil & Gas Producers
Sale Date: None Set
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Steve A. Peirce
Seller's Attorney
300 Convent, Ste. 2200
San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 270-7179
Bankruptcy Info
Case #: 3:19-bk-33868
Case Title: Eagle Energy Inc.
Court: Texas Northern Bankruptcy Court
Chapter: 15
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Sale of assets of the Eagle Energy Inc. (“Eagle Energy”), Eagle Energy Trust (“Eagle Trust”), Eagle Energy Holdings Inc. (“Eagle Holdings”), and Eagle Hydrocarbons Inc. (“Eagle Hydrocarbons” or “Vendor”) (collectively, referred to as the “Sellers”), which include, among other things, all assets, rights, interests and properties of Vendor and its affiliates (of whatever kind or character, real or personal, recorded or unrecorded, movable or immovable, tangible or intangible, vested or contingent, or otherwise), including all of Vendor’s right, title, and interest in and to certain oil and gas assets.

These oil and gas assets include: (a) all of Vendor’s oil, gas, and mineral leases and interests and fee mineral and royalty interests located in Jackson County, Oklahoma and Hardeman and Palo Pinto Counties, Texas and all interests of every kind and character in, to, and under, or derived from, the same (the “Assigned Leases and Interests”),(b) all oil and gas wells and any injection, disposal, or monitoring wells located on, or used, or held for use, in connection with the Assigned Leases and Interests (such wells, together with the Assigned Leases and Interests, the “Properties”), (c) all Petroleum Substances produced from, allocated to, or attributable to, any or all of the Properties from and after the Effective Time or held in storage or tanks or is line fill as of the Effective Time, and all proceeds therefrom, (d) all Contracts, including sale and purchase contracts, unit operating agreements, unit agreements, pooling agreements, joint operating agreements, seismic licenses, balancing agreements, farmout agreements, service agreements, transportation, processing, treatment and gathering agreements, equipment leases and other contracts, agreements and instruments, insofar as they relate to any other Asset (collectively, the “Assigned Contracts”), (e) all surface leases, subsurface leases, rights-of-way, licenses, easements and other surface or subsurface rights agreements applicable to, or used or held in connection with, the ownership, operation, maintenance or repair of, or the production, gathering, treatment, processing, storing, sale or disposal of Petroleum Substances or produced water from, the Properties, together with all surface fee interests in the lands covered by the Assigned Leases and Interests (the “Surface Interests”), (f) all tangible personal property, equipment, vehicles (excluding any leased vehicles), vessels, trailers, fixtures, inventory and improvements located on the Properties to the extent used or held for us in connection with the ownership or operation of the Properties or with the production, treatment, sale, or disposal of Petroleum Substances produced from, or attributable to, the Properties, byproducts or waste produced from or attributable to the foregoing, (g) all information, books, databases, files, records and data, whether in written or electronic format, relating to any other Asset or to any Assumed Liability (collectively, the “Records”), (h) all governmental (whether federal, state, tribal, or local) permits, licenses, authorizations, franchises, grants, easements, variances, exceptions, consents, certificates, approvals and related instruments or rights of any Governmental Authority or other Third Party, and any writ, judgment, decree, award, order, injunction or similar order, writ, ruling, directive or other requirement of any Governmental Authority (whether preliminary or final) required of Vendor for the ownership, operation or use of the Properties (collectively, the “Permits”), (i) all trade credits, accounts receivable, notes receivable, take or pay amounts receivable, and other receivables attributable to the other Assets, (j) except as expressly provided in the PSA, all cash and cash equivalents, including checks, commercial paper, treasury bills, certificates of deposit, bank accounts and other bank deposits and (k) such other rights, interests and properties of Vendor as are set forth in the PSA in the definition of “Assets.”

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