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Assets of Automobile Renting and Leasing Company

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Assets of Automobile Renting and Leasing Company

Price: $56,000.00

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Item #: txwbke_334272
Created: 09/18/2019
Category: Business Property > All Assets or Going Concerns > General Industrials
Sale Date: None Set
Seller Info
Patrick L. Huffstickler
Debtor's Attorney
112 E. Pecan St., Ste. 1800
San Antonio, TX 78205
Bankruptcy Info
Case #: 5:19-bk-50292
Case Title: Clearwater Transportation, Ltd
Court: Texas Western Bankruptcy Court
Chapter: 11
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Sale of assets of Clearwater Transportation, Ltd which includes:

  1. Personal Property, Equipment and Fixtures. All tangible personal property, equipment, leasehold improvements and fixtures owned or used by Licensee in connection with the Business at the Location (collectively, the "Personal Property, Equipment and Fixtures"), including, without limitation, those items set forth on Schedule 2,2.1 attached hereto. The form of the Bill of Sale to convey the Personal Property, Equipment and Fixtures from Licensee to Buyer,
  2. is substantially set forth in Exhibit 2.2.1 (the "Bill of Sale"!
  3. Telephone Numbers and Listings. All telephone numbers and listings applicable to the Business at the Location ("Listings"),
  4. Assigned Contracts. Rights under the Assigned Contracts.
  5. Books and Records, All Books and Records related to the Assets or copies thereof.
  6. Claims and Actions. All claims, causes of action, choses in action, rights of recovery and rights under all warranties, representations and guarantees made by suppliers of products, materials or equipment, or components thereof, arising from or relating to the Assets, the Business in the Territory or the Assumed Liabilities and all claims, demands, lawsuits and judgments and similar rights with respect to the Business at the location in the Territory, the Assets or the Assumed Liabilities, including the ownership, use or value of any Asset. For the sake of clarity, the claims and causes of action to be transferred to Buyer do not include any claims and causes of action of Clearwater against any of its officers, general or limited partners, affiliates (including Clearwater Real Estate, LLC), and attorneys or accountants, and also do not include any and all claims arising under any provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, specifically including the avoidance actions under Chapter 5 of the Bankruptcy Code.
  7. Insurance. Insurance benefits, including rights and proceeds, arising from or relating to the Assets or the Assumed Liabilities. For the purposes of clarity, Licensee is not required to insure the Assets after the Closing.
  8. Prepayments and Deposits. All prepayments, deposits, refunds, credit allowances, return privileges, guaranties, warranties, indemnities and similar rights related to the Assets, the Assumed Liabilities or the Business at the location in the Territory. For the sake of clarity, this does not include any interest in or rights in or to the Letters of Credit provided by Clearwater to the City in connection with the Assigned Contracts or any Certificates of Deposit, or other funds at Frost Bank supporting or securing such Letters of Credit.
  9. Goodwill. All of Licensee's right, title and interest in and to the goodwill and general intangibles owned by Licensee and used in or related to the Business in the Territory; provided, however, for purposes of clarity, that Buyer through its Affiliates is already the owner of all right, title and interest in and to the Dollar and Thrifty trademarks as well as the business methods, Intellectual Property and goodwill associated with the Dollar System and Thrifty System, and no goodwill associated therewith is being transferred as an Asset. Likewise, the name "Clearwater Transportation" and any goodwill, general intangibles or intellectual property related thereto is not being transferred as an Asset.
  10. Assignment Agreement. At the Closing, Seller shall transfer and assign to Buyer all of the Assets not identified in Schedule 2.2.1 by execution of an assignment agreement in the form attached hereto as Exhibit 2.2.9 (the "Assignment Agreement").

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