Marketplace lending

Online lenders make case for cash-flow data while acknowledging pitfalls


Though the use of alternative data in lending is seen by some as untested, several fintechs say they couldn't function without it.


The JPM-OnDeck split, Truist's tech plans, Capital One's breach: Top stories of the week


JPMorgan Chase ends business loan partnership with OnDeck; Truist out to prove it can best the megabanks in tech; Capital One's data breach was bad, but it could've been worse; and more from this week's most-read stories.


Fintech competition drives Dollar Bank into online lending


The Pittsburgh bank is using software initially developed by a fellow mutual to help build out its platform.


What's next for OnDeck after breakup with JPMorgan?


The online lender is counting on other arrangements with banks — and perhaps even a bank charter of its own — to help recover from the loss of a key partnership.


JPMorgan Chase ends business loan partnership with OnDeck


The decision is a blow to OnDeck, which said Monday that it intends to pursue a bank charter, either by applying for one or by buying a bank.


Cash-flow data can predict creditworthiness, new study shows


A study by FinRegLab of six nonbank lenders' use of cash-flow data in underwriting decisions finds this type of "alternative data" helps predict loan performance.


Goldman Sachs paid price for expansion into consumer banking


The company revealed its pretax losses for its forays into consumer and other digital banking services, which began in 2016 with the launch of a consumer deposit franchise and an installment loan product.


Funding Circle cuts revenue projection amid sharp decline in U.S. lending


Shares in the U.K.-based small-business lender fell 29% Tuesday after it sought to recalibrate expectations about its growth trajectory. So far, the company has pulled back lending more in the U.S. than in its other markets.


Are states up to the task of regulating Facebook?


Facebook’s plan to launch a cryptocurrency has raised concerns that state banking regulators may not be equipped to oversee large, international companies.


Which fintechs are best positioned to handle a recession?


In a downturn, some fintechs, such as independent lenders, will be more vulnerable to economic forces than those working to service banks' regulatory needs.