Fifth Third Bancorp

Fifth Third ramps up small-business lending in Chicago


The bank is pledging to lend another $2 billion in a market where it has invested $3.6 billion in various community development initiatives since 2016. Most of the new funds will be used to make loans to small businesses that operate in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.


FDIC’s McWilliams looks to Fifth Third to fill senior leadership jobs


Two of three hires announced by the agency come from the Ohio bank, where the FDIC chairman formerly served as a top executive.


The app that stashes savings in a ‘money jail’


Fifth Third is helping consumers — and millennials in particular — save for big-ticket purchases with a new tool that squirrels away small sums into an account that can’t be immediately accessed.


Can midmarket M&A boost regional banks' fee income?


Consolidation of midsize firms in health care and other industries is expected to heat up in 2019. That’s welcome news to banks that have recently acquired boutique M&A advisory firms.


Banks pitch refis to generation buried in student debt


Student loan debt — now at $1.5 trillion in the U.S. — is arguably the greatest pain point for consumers in their 20s and 30s. To court that demographic, banks are increasingly offering help with refinancing and repayment.


Security risk in cardless ATMs? The customer


Fifth Third Bank customers were swindled out of over $100,000, but not because the bank didn't have protection in place.


Banks’ payoff from minimum-wage hikes


Raises for the rank and file have fueled investor complaints that banks aren’t keeping a lid on expenses. Executives say the pay increases have lowered turnover and improved customer service.


Fifth Third ups CRA pledge by $2 billion amid Chicago expansion


The pledge comes as Fifth Third, which had previously committed $30 billion to community development, looks to close on its acquisition of MB Financial in Chicago.


Regionals finding fee income a less reliable Plan B


The pressure is on for banks to lean more heavily on capital markets, wealth management and other nonmortgage sources of fee income. That could get tougher in upcoming quarters.


Fee income, profits fall at Fifth Third


Though consumer lending and C&I lending improved at the Cincinnati company, its corporate and mortgage banking revenues fell in the third quarter. Last year Fifth Third also posted a one-time gain of $1B associated with its sale of shares in Vantiv, complicating the comparison.