Corporate governance

Wells Fargo expands board, mulls changes to auto loan pricing


The scandal-plagued bank announced Wednesday that it is adding a board member with deep experience in accounting. It is also considering a switch to flat pricing in indirect auto lending, a change long favored by consumer advocates.


Vernon Hill survives proxy challenge at Metro Bank in U.K.


Metro Bank had worked to win shareholder support by raising fresh capital and cutting ties with Hill's wife's design firm.


JPMorgan wins shareholder support for executive pay plan. But there's a caveat


The 72% backing was the lowest approval rate for the resolution since 2015. An advisory firm criticized the bank's policy as too subjective.


Wells Fargo moves closer to recouping some losses tied to scandal


A federal judge has given preliminary approval to the proposed settlement of a lawsuit under which insurance companies have agreed to pay $240 million for losses the San Francisco bank incurred from the widespread opening of fake accounts.


Big banks still need to streamline their operations


Departments across large institutions remain siloed, which leads to poor customer service. Fintechs are poised to take business from unhappy consumers unless banks address this problem.


'Good luck with legislating innovation': Comments of the week


Readers respond to JPMorgan's Twitter gaffe, weigh the role banks should play on issues like climate change, consider the impact of artificial intelligence on fair lending and more.


Virtue-signaling banks hurt shareholders and customers


Financial institutions should focus on maximizing returns instead of feel-good initiatives to cut greenhouse gas emissions or reduce gun financing.


BofA, Wells Fargo, BNY Mellon shareholders reject proposals to narrow pay gap


Bank of America investors on Wednesday voted against pressing the company to disclose more insightful data about disparities between men's and women's salaries. Shareholders at Wells and Bank of New York Mellon recently rejected similar measures.


Wells Fargo needs a retail banker at the helm


As the bank's board conducts its search for a new CEO, it should exclude Wall Street titans from any shortlist.


Managing reputation risk is getting more complicated


In today’s political climate, banks have to monitor not just how they do business, but with whom they do it.