Corporate governance

JPMorgan's Dimon joins U.S. CEOs condemning Virginia violence


JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive Jamie Dimon joined U.S. corporate leaders in denouncing racial intolerance as the pressure heats up on them to challenge President Trump on social and other policy matters. However, Dimon remains on a key presidential advisory group.


Elizabeth Duke said likely to be next Wells Fargo chairman


Chairman Stephen Sanger could step down ahead of the embattled bank's next annual meeting, according to a news report, clearing the way for the elevation of Duke, the current vice chairman and a former Fed governor and banking executive.


Fed proposal won’t let boards off easy, but here’s why that’s OK


Clearer criteria of what the Federal Reserve expects from directors will improve board oversight of banks, while also cutting down on misplaced demands on boards’ time and attention.


Fed details expectations for big banks' boards


The Federal Reserve Board released a proposal Thursday that is designed to clarify the agency's expectations for the biggest banks' boards of directors.


Will B of A’s Anne Finucane make an Uber move?


The New York Times explores why we lack female CEOs, Uber considers Bank of America’s Anne Finucane for its CEO spot, and State Street’s head of corporate governance explains its push for gender diversity on boards. Plus, who needs a hero?


A tale of foresight, planning, and one rich M&A valuation


WashingtonFirst had a sudden window of opportunity to sell itself in the latter half of 2016, but it had been preparing for a possible sale for more than two years before that, and perhaps as a result it received one of the most valuable buyout offers this year.


In surprise move, BNY Mellon hires Charles Scharf as CEO


Scharf, a former Visa CEO and JPMorgan executive, succeeds Gerald Hassell as leader of Bank of New York Mellon.


How banks are fighting climate change


When the U.S. withdrew from the Paris Agreement, business leaders across the country called on the private sector to step up their own efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius. From new corporate governance practices to energy efficient upgrades, here’s a look at some of the ways the banking sector is combating climate change.


Summer reading list for bankers 2017


Apologies to those yearning for escapism, but it is hard to escape turmoil — in financial services, in the economy and in civilization — in this year’s reading list. That said, these weighty topics promise to stimulate the mind: How AI will disrupt employment; dystopian imaginings and real-life histories of societal shifts; the necessity of collaboration; bitcoin’s path from obscurity to relevance; the need for leaders to make sacrifices; and more. Recommendations are courtesy of American Banker readers, editorial staff and BankThink contributors.


Culture change agents, male allies, and baby steps


Two women who lead innovation efforts at major U.S. banks are having opposite experiences. Christine Lagarde calls for male allies to help with gender equality, and Geena Davis wants your input.