Corporate governance

Changing channels: How the pandemic shaped bank marketing


Banks ditched radio ads, direct mail and sports sponsorships and instead produced spots for social media, video games and streaming services, all while adjusting their messages to feel more relevant to the times. Now, with coronavirus cases declining, will they return to the old normal?



Altabancorp board faces challenge from big investor group


Members of the Gunther family who own about a third of the Utah company's stock said they plan to vote against several directors at this year's annual meeting.



Truist is first regional bank to issue a social bond. It won’t be the last.


Big banks led the push to offer multibillion-dollar bonds that fund affordable housing, education and nonprofits that serve needy communities. But Truist’s recent $1.25 billion bond is a sign that regionals want to attract progressive institutional investors — and burnish their images.


Change at the top: Banking’s newest CEOs


Since late last year, a number of large and regional banks have either replaced their CEOs or announced plans to do so in the coming weeks. Here’s an introduction.


Citigroup top lawyer who steered bank through mortgage crisis retiring


Citigroup’s general counsel, Rohan Weerasinghe, told the bank that he will retire by the end of the year after almost a decade in the role.


Berkshire Hills reaches truce with activist investor


HoldCo Asset Management, which gains two board seats from a standstill agreement, had expressed disappointment that the Boston company hired a CEO instead of pursuing a sale.