Corporate Bankruptcy

MF Again

The MF Global trustee filed his lawsuit against
Jon S. Corzine and other former MF Global executives.

But the complaint itself, while quite well done, makes for
rather strange reading upon further reflection.


Interesting Automatic Stay Decision in FastBucks Chapter 11 Case


Readers might recall that back in November, I blogged about a case in which the unconscionability doctrine was used to invalidate one lender’s entire book of payday and installment loans. The post described how the court found that FastBucks employees encouraged borrows to not pay off loans, which loans were found to violate state law.


Run around in the radiation


Some thoughts on the bankruptcy of solar panel maker Suntech, at Dealb%k.


A Change in Name and More


Some recent moves in the Senate Judiciary Committee should be of interest to bankruptcy specialists.  The committee has approved a new subcommittee to be called "Bankruptcy and the Courts" with Senator Chris Coons of Delaware as the subcommittee chair. The new subcommittee is essentially a name change from the old "Administrative Oversight and the Courts" subcommittee, which also had jurisdiction over bankruptcy matters.


Gift Cards and Bankruptcy


There's a linguistic irony that "gift" is the German word for poison. What, then, should we make of the "gift card"?  

Senator Richard Blumenthal's introduced new legislation, the Gift Card Consumer Protection Act (S.3636) that aims to close up the loopholes in existing gift card regulation and to protect consumers with gift cards when the retailer goes bankrupt. The legislation has a few moving parts:


While You Wait


As somebody who has dabled in empirical legal studies, and recently noted the tendency among academics and policymakers to ignore inconvient data, I'm quite eager to see how the models hold up.


I Wade Into Presidential Politics


Or why the bankruptcy professor is relevant, over at Dealbook.