Corporate Bankruptcy

Here Come the Tourists


This week's Dealb%k is about foreign debtors that file under the US Code, which also just happens to be the subject of a recent paper that my co-author and I have posted online.


A Filing Means What It Says


Almost two weeks ago now, the Delaware Supreme Court handed down its decision over J.P. Morgan's mistaken termination statement in the General Motors bankruptcy.


My Worlds Collide


Caterham MarussiaI am obsessively interested in two things -- bankruptcy and Formula One auto racing. I feed the first interest through this blog.




Some thoughts on how much faith we should have in the debt markets, and whether they are actually markets at all, over at Dealb%k.


With a whole lot more


Thoughts on cramdown and "make whole" call provisions, over at Dealb%k.


Two Vast and Trunkless Legs of Stone


So Caesar's Entertainment is engaged in some Dynegy-like revamping of its corporate structure. Its motives are colorfully described here, but I have to stick to more G-rated language over at Dealb%k.