Hancock in Miss. announces rebranding effort, higher earnings


The company, which plans to change its name to Hancock Whitney next year, reported increased profit that reflected balance sheet growth.


From 'best bank no one's heard of' to 'most ethical company'


Kate Quinn has raised U.S. Bancorp's profile by emphasizing culture above all else.


Bankers still unpopular with affluent customers


While the banking industry is winning over low- and middle-income groups, it is still trying to regain the trust of high earners who were stung during the financial crisis.


What brand confusion? Southern Missouri Bancorp buys similarly named bank


The $1.5 billion-asset company agreed to buy Southern Missouri Bancshares to expand into two strategically important markets.


Actress Jessica Alba takes on the role of brand builder


Even with her name recognition, the star of films like “Fantastic Four” and “Little Fockers” struggled to get funding to start The Honest Co. She shared her experiences during an event hosted by American Express.


Household debt hits new record; Wells' brand repair


Consumer debt breaks the previous mark set back in 2008, but some are worried that people are returning to their profligate ways; Wells Fargo makes greater use of consumer surveys to fix its brand.


Why Bank of the West is flaunting its global reach


The San Francisco firm unveiled a new logo that prominently depicts its connection to its longtime owner, BNP Paribas. In doing so, it is wagering that any fallout from negative public perceptions of global megabanks will be outweighed by new opportunities to generate revenue.


Banks don't get what they pay for with digital advertising


The ad tech industry is so fraught with misleading and deceptive data that it's difficult for marketers to make smart advertising choices. Even the most reputable of firms spew unreliable data.