Wells in denial, faster-payments backtrack, delinquency uptick: Top stories of the week


Wells Fargo and the denial stage of recovery; community bankers alarmed after big banks backtrack on faster-payments pricing; credit card, auto loan delinquencies hit seven-year high; and more from this week's most-read stories.


Time to rebrand Wells Fargo


PR campaigns won’t be enough to salvage the bank’s reputation after a series of scandals. Instead, it should look into adopting a new name, among other crucial steps.


The lessons in a marketing fumble by TD Bank


The Canadian bank recently caught flak over an ad in one of its branches that was seen as a slight against the diverse Boston community of Dorchester. Here’s what other bankers can take away from the episode.


Name game: Rebranding BB&T-SunTrust fraught with risk


The banks have no choice but to pick a new name, marketing experts say, but good luck: The best ones may already be taken, made-up names can sound forced, and any change might nudge more customers to rethink their loyalties.


Virginia bank sues North Carolina de novo over name


American National Bankshares is trying to force the proposed American Bank & Trust to change its name.


Goldman staffs new venture; Volcker unloads on banks


Bank makes first hires for its corporate cash management business; the former Fed chair says the industry is too focused on profits.


Oklahoma bank's plan to differentiate? A unique name


Central National Bank rebranded as Stride Bank to move away from a name with overused words.


Union Bankshares to rebrand following wave of acquisitions


The Virginia company, which recently bought Access National, will become Atlantic Union Bank later this year.


Unexpected surge in loan demand provides earnings boost at Union


The Virginia company cautioned that it expects lending to slow down this year.


Oklahoma bank set to debut new brand


Valley National will reinvent itself as Vast Bank over the next few months. The move is part of an effort to attract younger customers.