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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Davis & Dorand, Inc.New York Southern1:91-bk-12487705/31/199103/23/2005
Newmark & Lewis of Connecticut, Inc.New York Southern1:91-bk-13987708/30/199109/14/2007Discharge Not Applicable
Newmark & Lewis of New York, Inc.New York Southern1:91-bk-13985708/30/199109/14/2007Discharge Not Applicable
Newmark & Lewis of Massachusetts, Inc.New York Southern1:91-bk-13988708/30/199109/14/2007Discharge Not Applicable
Newmark & Lewis of New Jersey, Inc.New York Southern1:91-bk-13986708/30/199109/14/2007Discharge Not Applicable
Baj, L.P.New York Southern1:91-bk-138091108/14/199106/29/2001
Maxwell Communication Corporation plcNew York Southern1:91-bk-157411112/16/199107/07/2016Discharge Not Applicable
Cinecom Entertainment Group, Inc.New York Southern1:91-bk-139721108/28/1991