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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Royal Color Portraits of Poughkeepsie, Inc.New York Northern1:86-bk-10396703/19/198603/28/1991Discharge Not Applicable
Showcase Construction, Inc.New York Northern1:86-bk-101841102/10/198601/26/1988Dismissed for Other Reason 11/02/1987
Solartherm Scientific CorpNew York Northern1:86-bk-117121111/18/198604/14/1987Dismissed for Other Reason 02/18/1987
Marone Acee and Sons, Inc.New York Northern6:86-bk-005951105/09/198612/04/1991Discharge Not Applicable
Dunmanway Regan Corp.New York Northern6:86-bk-00528704/28/198603/09/1988Standard Discharge
Osborne Service & Painting Contractors Inc.New York Northern1:86-bk-101771102/07/198610/30/1987Dismissed for Other Reason 06/18/1986
ADC Painting, Inc.New York Northern1:86-bk-101361101/31/198610/30/1987Dismissed for Other Reason 06/18/1986