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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Bessco Holding CorpNew York Eastern8:81-bk-804051102/06/198107/02/1998Discharge Not Applicable
Dairy Del of Dongan Hills IncNew York Eastern1:81-bk-10881703/17/198102/15/2000Discharge Not Applicable
Frameking Corporation and Camrose Art CorporationNew York Eastern8:81-bk-80949703/19/198110/12/1995Discharge Not Applicable
Dairy Del Milk Enterprises IncNew York Eastern1:81-bk-10877703/17/198102/15/2000Discharge Not Applicable
Dairy Del North Shore Stores IncNew York Eastern1:81-bk-10884703/17/198102/15/2000Discharge Not Applicable
Dairy Del of Bay Parkway IncNew York Eastern1:81-bk-10886703/17/198102/18/2000Discharge Not Applicable
Dairy Del of Annadale IncNew York Eastern1:81-bk-10885703/17/198102/15/2000Discharge Not Applicable
Double S Supermarkets IncNew York Eastern1:81-bk-10883703/17/198102/15/2000Discharge Not Applicable
CJ Bubla IncNew York Eastern8:81-bk-72099706/30/198106/10/1999Discharge Not Applicable
The Performing Arts Foundation Of Long IslandNew York Eastern8:81-bk-80550702/19/198107/20/1999
Dairy Del of Grasmere IncNew York Eastern1:81-bk-10882703/17/198102/15/2000Discharge Not Applicable
Dairy Del of New Dorp IncNew York Eastern1:81-bk-10880703/17/198102/15/2000Discharge Not Applicable
Dairy Del South Shore Supermarkets IncNew York Eastern1:81-bk-10887703/17/198102/15/2000Discharge Not Applicable
Dairy Del of Huguenot IncNew York Eastern1:81-bk-10878703/17/198102/15/2000Discharge Not Applicable
Dairy Del of Staten Island IncNew York Eastern1:81-bk-10879703/17/198102/15/2000Discharge Not Applicable