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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Scanlon and Associates, Inc.New Mexico1:94-bk-10376702/10/1994
A.C. Productions, Inc.New Mexico1:94-bk-111671104/29/199401/12/1996Dismissed for Other Reason 01/12/1996
Gomez Concrete Co., Inc.New Mexico1:94-bk-10520702/24/199410/06/1994Dismissed for Other Reason
Organic Plus, Inc.New Mexico1:94-bk-124351109/15/199402/06/1997Standard Discharge
Silver City Shop Rite, Ltd.New Mexico1:94-bk-115291106/09/199401/09/1996Dismissed for Other Reason
Silver City Anthony, Ltd.New Mexico1:94-bk-115521106/09/199401/09/1996Dismissed for Other Reason
Ritestuff Milling, Inc.New Mexico1:94-bk-108611103/28/199404/05/1995Dismissed for Other Reason
Smith & Associates, Inc.New Mexico1:94-bk-10019701/07/199407/03/1994Discharge Not Applicable