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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
CULLMAN STEEL FABRICATORS, INC.Alabama Northern8:78-bk-000391102/02/197812/08/1982
INC. TIGER MININGAlabama Northern8:78-bk-00058702/15/197806/06/1978Dismissed for Other Reason 06/06/1978
INC. INTERCONTINENTALAlabama Northern8:78-bk-00237706/05/197806/28/1979Standard Discharge 06/28/1979
INC. MARTIN'S HOME APPLIANCE SERVICEAlabama Northern8:78-bk-00423710/20/197805/23/1979
NORTH ALABAMA FINISHING CO., INC. and NORTH ALABAMA FINISHING CO., INC.Alabama Northern8:78-bk-00190705/08/197801/19/1979