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Get the most recent list of Chapter 11 cases delivered via email, available for quick reading on your smart phone, tablet or other email enabled device.
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Not merely a list. With 1-click you can access the docket or the full case menu with access to all available queries in the case. All filed documents are just a few clicks away.
Case Tracking
Quickly spot the cases your interested in, and add it to a free CaseFolder for easy tracking. Access & update your saved cases anytime from anywhere.
Our Chapter 11 Bulletin covers all bankruptcy districts across the nation, so you don't miss a single Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.
In addition to the HTML format with quick-links, our Chapter 11 list of cases includes a downloadable spreadsheet for easy sorting and manipulation.
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Worried about email clutter? No problem. You can switch between daily or weekly delivery of your Chapter 11 Bulletin. Weekly lists delivered on Mondays.
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About Us
Inforuptcy is a leading provider of bankruptcy information. In addition to other services, our solution downloads and organizes all bankrupt company filings everday across the country for a complete and comprehensive list of bankrupt companies - day in and day out. Our customers include law firms, top-tier financial institutions, media companies, creditors, and the public at large.
About Our Bankrupt Companies List
Our bankrupt companies list is just the beginning for most subscribers. We offer a complete solution to track and research any bankruptcy case. With our extremely low cost subscription, you receive:
An email of all Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases filed across the country
Choice of receiving email daily or weekly, adjustable anytime from your settings
A spreadsheet attachment of the data for your records and manipulation
1-click access to the dockets on all cases
Access to the creditors list for every business bankruptcy case
Ability to effortlessly track, update and obtain in-depth bankruptcy case information
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